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Limited Pharmacy Distribution Network for Eye Care Drug XDEMVY

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals selected the pharmacies in its XDEMVY limited distribution network to ensure patient access

Soleo Health Strengthens Limited Distribution Drug Capabilities

Soleo Health has developed limited distribution networks by leveraging SoleMetrics ability to collect and deliver real-world, insightful data regarding a drug’s clinical capabilities, derived from its patients

Buy and Bill Trend: Are there Contradictions to Vendor or Pharma’s Reported Data

Buy and Bill Trend:  Are there Contradictions to Vendor or Pharma’s Reported Data Distribution based sales of specialty pharmaceuticals raises critical issues for manufacturers and providers as plan year 2016 decisions have been made and 2017 preparations begin by purchasers. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the dilemma arises when (1) reimbursement is limited or eliminated under benefit […]

Contracting With Specialty Pharmacies (SPs) At Your Own Peril

How a company works with and contracts with SPs will have to be rethought as a result of the initial Department of Justice (DoJ) settlement with BioScrip and ongoing investigation of Novartis in their marketing practices. When Novartis launched Exjade, it created a limited distribution network, including BioScrip and two other specialty pharmacies selected by […]

Onco360 to distribute Gilead Sciences’ Zydelig

Onco360 recently announced that it has been selected to be part of the limited network to distribute Gilead Sciences’ Zydelig (idelalisib) tablets. Onco360 is one of the nation’s fastest-growing independent Oncology Pharmacy and Clinical Support Services companies. It will now be part of the highly limited Specialty Pharmacy network of Zydelig tablets, which has just […]