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etectRx Gaining Upper Hand in Bioingestible Sensors Market

etectRx and Proteus Digital Health are the only two companies offering Bioingestible sensors

Illumina’s Growth Strategy Includes Whole Genome Sequencing for Consumers

Illumina sees the value of genomic testing growing and consumer adoption at its  beginning stage

Rebates? Strategy from The Football Playbook – The End Around

I failed to discern the implication of the actions proposed by the HHS-FDA Safe Importation Action Plan and the magnitude of its impact to rebates.

Proteus Digital Health Expanding Number of Diseases Treated

Proteus Digital Health expanding number of diseases treated to include cancer, infectious diseases, or mental health disorders

AmerisourceBergen’s Hub Services Support XPOVIO Launch

XPOVIO, from Karyopharm Therapeutics, is the first and only prescription medicine approved in the U.S. for the treatment of multiple myeloma

Metro Areas Where Employers Influence Cancer Coverage Costs

Metro Areas Where Employers Influence Cancer Coverage Costs. Employers currently represent approximately 60% of the commercial insurance market dollars. The Employer commercial insurance market consists of more than 95,000 companies with self-insured plans, eighty percent of whom have less than 2,000 employees. Entering 2017, these employers face double-digit increases in the cost of prescription drugs […]

Designing Pharmacy and Medical Benefits for Cancer Care

Designing Pharmacy and Medical Benefits for Cancer Care: An Employer Perspective – published in Value-Based Cancer Care F. Randy Vogenberg, PhD, RPh, FASHP; Catherine E. Cooke, PharmD, BCPS October 2016, Vol 7, No 9 – Employers’ Perspective With the increasing complexity of cancer care after the passing of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, employers as […]