John Santilli

John Santilli brings an innovative light to marketing. With a passion for information, data and trends, he’s able to bring an amazing comprehension of where things are going with the industry. Often quoted in Modern Medicine, he is always on the cutting edge of innovation and change in the marketing world.

With 11 years’ experience working for General Electric, he helped develop market strategies for a variety of businesses under the GE umbrella. After stepping into the role of Director for Market Planning for GE Supply, he worked to develop many successful marketing strategies to keep the $1 billion plus business in the forefront, taking advantage of changes and innovations in the market.

With an extensive background working in the healthcare industry, he is the founder of Knowledge Source, Inc., which has been a leading business information and research company specializing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The company has provided many years’ of research-based sales and marketing intelligence as well as developing syndicated research and providing custom research projects to improve the effectiveness of client companies’ sales and marketing efforts. Through Knowledge Source, Mr. Santilli has had the opportunity to provide reports that steer the efforts of major pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Pfizer and many more.

Mr. Santilli partnered with Dr. Randy Vogenberg to merge Knowledge Source into their newly-founded Access Market Intelligence, a company providing fresh market insights with regards to benefit advisors, health systems, employers, health plan/PBMs and biologics and specialty pharmacy issues. His insight into market trends, adaptation to market changes and effective leveraging of marketing budgets have proved dramatically beneficial for healthcare businesses across the industry.

“John and Knowledge Source are among the best to be found if you are looking for informative, succinct data and overviews of healthcare industry market segments. He’s also a pleasure to work with, a true professional.” –Harold Cox – Sr. Executive, Sales & Business Development

Living and working in Connecticut, he pursued a BA from Southern Connecticut State University and an MBA at University of Bridgeport. An avowed Apple fan, he enjoys Homeland, House of Cards and The Godfather.