Dr. Randy Vogenberg

Dr. Randy Vogenberg, Principal, Institute for Integrated Healthcare and Co-Founder, Access Market Intelligence, is a health care expert on health-system delivery & economics, and health related solution innovation research. 

Currently, he is an Advisor to Access Market Intelligence (AMI), Co-Leader, National Employer Initiative on Specialty Pharmacy; & Co-Founder, National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare (NICH).

Most recently he partnered with HQF in developing “EPIC”. His broad hospital and managed care expertise includes current or future trends around financing, market excellence, and benefit management or design – including Co-Project Leader for the National Employer Biologics & Specialty Pharmacy Initiative through the Midwest Business Group on Health. 

A leader & highly requested speaker on applied health systems research, he authored programs or books on self-funded health benefits, managed markets, hospitals, & integrated medical-pharmacy benefit management.

An entrepreneur, he co-founded firms that provide a relational view of key market stakeholders, such as AMI that also provides insights into benefit advisors, employers, health systems, specialty pharmacy, and health plans/PBMs. Through NICH, he drives disruption for health innovation, incubation and implementation. 

His academic relationships include Rutgers HOPE Center, and former Senior Fellow at the Jefferson School of Population Health. Currently is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Rhode Island CoP & Presbyterian SoP as well as the Univ.of Illinois CoP.