Access Market Intelligence has developed a framework to help clients deploy or optimize employer sales initiatives. AMI provides employee benefit plan market intelligence to a growing variety of decision and practice leaders in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Our clients recognize that benefit plan strategy and design can play significant roles in their successful management of markets and enterprises.

AMI offers resources to help our clients better understand benefit plan strategy and design using our proprietary database of 90,000+ self-funded plans containing key demographics and business relationships to identify high value targets.

  • AMI’s database provides the foundation to identify the stakeholder relationships in any geographic market by offering more than 30 categories of information on each self-funded employer.
  • AMI’s database provides our clients the information they need to know who works with who in any geographic market among the key stakeholders, including: Employer, Benefit Decision-Maker, Health Plan, Advisor/Employee Benefit Consultant, Coalition, PBM, and more.
  • AMI offers consulting expertise to develop sales strategies and a value proposition by developing relationships with stakeholders that impact your company’s products.

The Top 50 Employer Profiles Report offers a glimpse into the capabilities of our database. The report’s concise, fact-packed profiles of 50 of America’s largest employers and their health coverage relationships save you hours of research and deliver that vital intelligence in a form you can conveniently digest and deploy in communications with the executives and associates who are counting on you in your enterprise.