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Takeda Selects Specialty Pharmacy Partners for ADZYNMA and FRUZAQLA

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Selects Specialty Pharmacy Partners for new FDA-approved drugs ADZYNMA and FRUZAQLA

Ardelyx Sets Specialty Pharmacy Limited Distribution Network for XPHOZAH®

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Anovo Selected as Exclusive Distributor and Specialty Pharmacy for AGAMREE®

Anovo was selected to work with Catalyst as the exclusive distributor and specialty pharmacy for FDA-approved AGAMREE®.

Specialty Pharmacy News Roundup: October 2023

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Celltrion Healthcare Contracts with CarePartners Pharmacy for Yuflyma

Celltrion Healthcare recently signed an agreement with Libertyville, IL-based CarePartners Pharmacy to sell its Humira biosimilar Yuflyma in the U.S. market

Specialty Pharmacy News Roundup: September 2023

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Limited Pharmacy Distribution Network for Eye Care Drug XDEMVY

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals selected the pharmacies in its XDEMVY limited distribution network to ensure patient access

Specialty Pharmacy News Roundup: August 2023

he latest in specialty pharmacy news and research. Stay up to date on companies and industry trends at the forefront of the specialty pharmacy industry