Access Market Intelligence’s (AMI) team is comprised of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Advisors who support/advise purchasers, providers, payers and industry manufacturers. These individuals are on the front lines advancing concepts on healthcare reform, healthcare policy, disseminating education through publications, participating on academic advisory boards to advance clinical and economic outcomes for healthcare.

In a world where healthcare reform is impacting millions and the understanding is not clear, the healthcare stakeholders are desperately trying 
to write the next chapter. AMI’s services are focused at helping each business entity thrive in the “new world”.

Learn more about AMI’s founding partners:

Dr. Randy Vogenberg

John Santilli

NICH Founding Member

AMI is a founding partner company for the proactive leader in implementing employer/self-funded commercial health risk management solutions, the National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare (NICH). 

NICH is a collaboration finding inspired answers to the biggest challenges in healthcare today.

NICH is assembling innovators and decision makers to create positive market change that can “move the needle” for all stakeholders.

They go beyond incubation to help partners navigate complex implementation processes and deliver game changing, patient-focused clinical & economic outcomes.

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