Innovative leadership

Access Market Intelligence’s (AMI) team is comprised of Thought Leaders, Innovators and Advisors who support/advise purchasers, providers, payers and industry manufacturers.

These individuals are on the front lines advancing concepts on healthcare reform, healthcare policy, disseminating education through publications, participating on academic advisory boards to advance clinical and economic outcomes for healthcare.

What we do

AMI provides fresh market insights with regards to benefit advisors, health systems, employers, health plant/PBMs and biologics and specialty pharmacy issues. With expert insights into market trends, AMI enables better adaptation to market changes and effective leveraging of marketing budgets that have proved dramatically beneficial for healthcare businesses across the industry.

How we started

John Santilli, Principal at AMI, is founder of Knowledge Source, Inc., a leading business information and research company specializing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Mr. Santilli partnered with AMI Principal Dr. Randy Vogenberg, a strategist, author and Principal at the Institute for Integrated Healthcare, to form Access Market Intelligence. Dr. Vogenberg is a national expert on managed care, commercial health benefits and plan design, health-system delivery & economics, and health innovation research.

Learn more about AMI’s founding partners:

AMI is a founding company for one of healthcare’s most proactive leaders in implementing employer/self-funded commercial health risk management solutions, the National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare (NICH). 

NICH is a collaboration finding inspired answers to the biggest challenges in healthcare today.

NICH brings together the healthcare innovators and decision makers that can deliver game changing clinical & economic outcomes benefitting all stakeholders along the healthcare continuum, with a focus on patient outcomes.

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