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Healthcare Market Intelligence and Research Solutions

Insights for success

AMI offers clients actionable market strategies through the integration of comprehensive industry reports, proprietary data platform solutions, and client-designed market research.

Specialty pharmacy database

Find new opportunities for your specialty drug products or services with access to one of AMI’s exclusive database offerings.

Discover new market intel and search for high-value contact information segmented by region, disease states treated, limited distribution drug offerings, and more.

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AMI applies market intelligence and insight to develop executable strategies that enhance our client’s corporate performance.  Learn more about AMI’s goals, products and services.



Over the past five to 10 years, specialty drugs have driven the rising expenditures for all pharmaceuticals. Pricing issues aside, the availability and use of specialty drugs is a key driver of growing medical spend in commercially insured populations.

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Virtual Advisory Board

Collaborate with employer experts and get valuable insights from anywhere.

Now, health and life science companies can access strategic insights and build valuable relationships in the self-funded employer segment, more efficiently than ever.

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Latest Views and Trends

Get expert healthcare analysis on what’s current and coming. Our blog offers valuable insight to help stakeholders get in front of both healthcare reform and segment-specific challenges. 

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