Collaborate With Industry Experts

Health and life sciences companies have traditionally used Advisory Boards to interact with healthcare professionals to stimulate productive discussions among participants.

Access Market Intelligence’s (AMI) Virtual Advisory Board allows health and life science companies the opportunity to develop stronger relationships and obtain timely strategic insights from providers and self-funded Employer segment without concern about advisor availability, limited time frame, and the costs associated with live meetings.

The Virtual Advisory Board sessions include a range of flexible modules and activity types, offering clients the choice of a range of engagements.

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Build New Relationships and Get Insights More Efficiently.

AMI’s Virtual Advisory Board works with KOLs comprised of Employers, Medical and Pharmacy Directors, Medical Affairs, Employee Benefit Consultants (EBCs) and Benefit Advisors.The Virtual Advisory Board offers timely insights and opinions on client issues through a combination of structured dialogue, live Virtual events and email communications.

AMI works with clients to develop questions to be asked in an initial email survey with respondents. The initial email survey is followed up with live Webinar(s) and structured dialogue to obtain detailed opinions and insights which are vetted by AMI to develop an executive summary report with key takeaways for the client. AMI’s Virtual Advisory Board with employers and providers can be accessed quickly and on an ad-hoc basis to offer clients timely insights.

Read what our partners say about the Virtual Advisory Board

 We have our own data analytics capabilities, so we are not interested in 10 or 12 vendor data sources providing information. We will use vendors when we are comfortable that we can plug and play whatever program is brought forward so we can use it right away. 

- Global Manufacturer with 150,000 employees

Speculative ROI data on a vendor program is a farce, it needs to be real, and it needs to be measurable and applied to my population.

- National Retailer with 400,000+ employees

We need vendor program data to not be disruptive to my company’s current goals and programs, but work collaboratively with our programs  Vendors need to know their audience and the client ‘s needs. National statistics are great, but I need to know how they will affect my current employee population.

- Regional Retailer with 20,000+ employees

Employers need easy to understand, cited, academic, scientific information on vendor programs and they need to be able to do something actionable with the data. It imperative that the data is appropriate for each employer and they can go back and execute the program on their own with their own employees. Ideally, the vendor needs to deliver a thoughtful employer strategy, allowing the employers to obtain early success from actionable strategy.

- Leading Employer Business Coalition