Hepatitis C and Specialty Pharmacy Market

Express Scripts Plans a Specialty Drug Price War over new hepatitis C treatments reports a recent Bloomberg News story. The news follows the release of Gilead’s Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), which reportedly costs $1,000 per pill. Express Scripts projects that Hepatitis C drug trend will grow by 168% by 2015, so employers and health plan payers are […]

Contracting With Specialty Pharmacies (SPs) At Your Own Peril

How a company works with and contracts with SPs will have to be rethought as a result of the initial Department of Justice (DoJ) settlement with BioScrip and ongoing investigation of Novartis in their marketing practices. When Novartis launched Exjade, it created a limited distribution network, including BioScrip and two other specialty pharmacies selected by […]

Tier 2 is Dead! Consumerism is having an effect on sales.

It’s not just Health Care Reform that is turning the world of health care upside down. The cost shift to both the employee/consumer is dramatic and having an effect on sales.  The old paradigm of success being defined as having Tier 2 access is no longer valid. The out of pocket burden for the employee/consumer […]

Aureus Health Services Enters the Specialty Hub Market

Aureus Health Services, launched through the acquisition of specialty pharmacies Town Total Health and Special Design Health Care launched its new HUB service platform. Aureus Health Services is a specialty pharmacy and health management company that provides drug fulfillment and other solutions designed to address the complexity of specialty medications and health conditions for patients, […]

McKesson Specialty Health Expands

McKesson Specialty Health acquired a majority stake in Oncology Rehab Partners, an oncology rehabilitation services company based in Northboro, Mass. This agreement further bolsters McKesson Specialty Health’s robust portfolio of innovative clinical, business and technology solutions for cancer care providers. With the addition of Oncology Rehab Partners’ industry-leading training and certification services, McKesson Specialty Health […]

340B Program Controversy Continues

The 340B program was created in 1992 to give certain ‘safety net providers’ discounts on outpatient drugs that are supposed to be comparable to pricing made available to state Medicaid agencies. These hospitals and clinics, or ‘covered entities,’ spend about $6 billion annually on drugs, with industry estimates projecting the spending could reach $12 billion […]

Stakeholder Perspective

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Remains a Growing Population Health Concern F. Randy Vogenberg, PhD, RPh PURCHASERS/PAYERS: Chronic obstructive pul­monary disease (COPD) remains a growing population health issue from a clinical effectiveness perspective and from an economic efficiency perspective, given our lifestyles and the aging US population. In their current review, Blanchette and colleagues highlight key […]