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ACA Supreme Court Deliberations and Any Impact on Biosimilars?

If the court strikes down the ACA entirely, biosimilars on the U.S. market or in the FDA approval pipeline would have to either be grandfathered in or face a regulatory wind-down

CareMetx, LLC’s OutcomeRx Launches a Reinsurance Product for Cell and Gene Therapies

OutcomeRx focuses on engaging with biotech companies to think through, structure, and manage value-based agreements

Market Access Programs for Gene Therapies Increasing

Payers are planning for an increasing number of gene therapies being approved by developing new coverage programs

Employers Medical Stop Loss for Specialty Rxs

Employers Medical Stop Loss for Specialty Rxs – Employers will continue to experience escalating specialty Rx costs.  Effective but expensive non-substitutable products emerging from pharmaceutical manufacturers’ development pipelines will quickly and sharply drive both pharmacy and medical benefit year-over-year spending increases. Traditional risk management tools, like stop loss insurance policies are designed to mitigate risk […]