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Lupin Pharmaceuticals Partnering with Phil, Inc. for its Patient Access Solution

By addressing patient access challenges using online technologies, as opposed to traditional call-center models, Phil Inc. partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver pioneering digital access to Specialty and Specialty-Lite therapies.

US Oncology Expands Reach By Adding Two Oncology Practices

US Oncology helps independent physicians deliver value-based, integrated care to patients

Onco360’s Pharmacy Network the Choice for New Oncology Treatments

Onco360, a subsidiary of PharMerica, is one of the nation’s leading providers of Oncology Pharmacy services

Specialty Pharma Hub Providers Market Keeps Evolving

Specialty Pharmaceutical Hub providers are expanding facilities and staff as products and services they offer are becoming increasingly specialized

Section 1332 Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Section 1332 Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – by Gregory Judd, CEBS   A funny thing happened while pharmaceutical manufacturers were going through wrenching strategic and organizational changes during the past 6 or 7 years. The Affordable Care Act. Ok, so ACA is not all THAT funny. But it IS big, and has exerted a sort of […]