Pyros Pharmaceuticals Selects Anovo as Exclusive Specialty Pharmacy For VIGPODER


Pyros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Pyros), a leader in the development of enhanced specialty pharmaceuticals for rare diseases, recently announced that VIGPODER (vigabatrin) for oral solution, USP, a treatment for appropriate patients with infantile spasms (IS), is now available.

As a therapeutically equivalent product, VIGPODER is anticipated to offer the same safety and efficacy profile as SABRIL (vigabatrin) for oral solution. 

Infantile spasms, a rare but serious form of epilepsy, poses significant challenges for patients and their families. With VIGPODER, Pyros aims to provide reliable services and an affordable treatment option, ensuring that families faced with an IS diagnosis, and whose children are prescribed vigabatrin, can rapidly obtain this essential therapy.

Additionally, Pyros Total Care, the company’s personalized comprehensive support program, is available to assist families throughout the treatment journey.

Anovo has been chosen as the exclusive distributor and specialty pharmacy for this innovative medication. Anovo goes beyond just distribution to provide support for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

The Anovo team will provide seamless access, personalized care and a comprehensive support system to guide caregivers through their child’s therapeutic journey.

Anovo’s unique business is purpose-built exclusively for niche products designed to treat or impact rare diseases. As an all-in-one, exclusive partner, the company is driven to deliver meaningful results for partners and positive experiences for their patients.

Coordinated by one management team, Anovo’s integrated service model delivers customized program management, 3PL, specialty pharmacy, and patient care services.

Pyros Pharmaceuticals is developing enhanced specialty pharmaceuticals for rare diseases. The company’s mission is to elevate the standard of care for infantile spasms, providing treatment options that significantly improve the lives of affected children.

Through its enhanced therapies and comprehensive support services, Pyros aims to assist providers and caregivers in navigating the complexities of the patient journey.