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Onco360 Selected as Exclusive Specialty Pharmacy for Alexion Pharmaceutical’s Voydeya

Onco360 Selected as Exclusive Specialty Pharmacy to distribute Alexion Pharmaceutical’s Voydeya as a first class oral, Factor D inhibitor.

Specialty Pharmacy News Roundup: March 2024

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Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals Selects Specialty Pharmacies to Distribute Yargesa

Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals Selects PANTHERx Rare and Orsini Specialty Pharmacy to Distribute Yargesa to Treat Gaucher Disease

Pyros Pharmaceuticals Selects Anovo as Exclusive Specialty Pharmacy For VIGPODER

Pyros Pharmaceuticals Selects Anovo as Exclusive Distributor and Specialty Pharmacy For VIGPODER to Treat Infantile Spasms

CarelonRx Enters Agreement to Acquire Kroger’s Specialty Pharmacy

The Kroger Co. recently announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of its specialty pharmacy business to CarelonRx, a subsidiary of Elevance Health

Mycovia Pharmaceuticals Selects AllianceRx as Exclusive Pharmacy For VIVJOA

AllianceRx Walgreens announced that Walgreens specialty pharmacy patients will now have exclusive access to VIVJOA®, through AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy, a subsidiary of Walgreens

RxLightning and KnippeRx Partner to Simplify Specialty Medication Onboarding

RxLightning and KnippeRx announced a strategic partnership aimed at simplifying the specialty medication onboarding process for patients and providers.

MercerRx Technology Solution Launched For Specialty Drugs

Mercer recently launched Mercer SelectRx, an exclusive product offering that leverages Free Market Health’s proprietary, cloud-based technology platform to drive competition among specialty pharmacies for high-cost specialty medications and savings for employers and their employees.