Specialty Pharmacy News Roundup: July 2023

Advanced Home Infusion will be now be known exclusively as Amerita. With Amerita’s continued growth, bringing Advanced Home Infusion under the Amerita name at this time signals the company’s commitment to best serving its patients with enhanced geographic coverage and expanded product offerings.

BioCareSD  announced the addition of ROCTAVIAN™, RYSTIGGO®, and VYVGART® HYTRULO to their rapidly growing portfolio of life-saving specialty therapies. Each product recently received approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). BioCareSD is part of a limited distribution network for each therapy.

Biologics by McKesson has been selected by Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. as a specialty pharmacy provider for a new therapy that received FDA approval on July 20, 2023, for the treatment of certain patients with acute myeloid leukemia. This new therapy is only available through a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program. Biologics also achieved URAC accreditation for Rare Disease Pharmacy Center of Excellence and reaccreditation for Specialty Pharmacy.

EpiphanyRx is partnered with Lumicera Health Services to provide its members the keys to the highest quality specialty pharmacy solution. Lumicera also uses actual acquisition cost pricing, which means members aren’t overcharged to profit their PBM.

Maxor Specialty has renewed its accreditation for the URAC Rare Disease Designation and Specialty Pharmacy Designation. Maxor has also renewed its URAC accreditation for its Mail Service Pharmacy.

OptimeCare adopted the name of parent company, AscellaHealth in July 2023. Optime Care creates partnerships for personalized care with a specific focus on disorders affecting smaller patient communities.

Sun Life U.S., the largest independent medical stop-loss provider in the country, has named OptiMed Health Partners as a preferred partner to further the company’s goal of improving healthcare access, while also managing rising healthcare costs. The new program through OptiMed will identify opportunities to administer specialty drugs to members who need them – in a convenient setting, such as the member’s home or an infusion center – working in concert with the member’s physician and care team. This type of highly coordinated and personalized delivery system reduces the risk of infections and complications for patients while decreasing the treatment costs for high-cost specialty drugs.

Walgreens has acquired 120 pharmacies from Brookshire Grocery Company.  Brookshire announced the acquisition, which will impact the retailer’s pharmacies located in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The sale also includes pharmacy customer prescription files and related pharmacy inventory. Most of the pharmacies will operate under the Walgreens name inside Brookshire Grocery locations. Brookshire operates 123 ACHC-accredited specialty pharmacies.


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