AMI’s Specialty Pharmacy Database (SPD) includes content relative to all specialty pharmacy stakeholders. This solves the problem of obtaining timely, difficult to obtain business intelligence on specialty pharmacies, including executive contacts with titles, phone numbers and emails, limited and exclusive distribution drugs dispensed, chronic conditions treated, accreditation(s), services provided, and more.

The database, with 1,600 pharmacy locations, updates current records and adds new records daily.


Client-specific Custom Research

Support customized business plan development

Employer-based coverage of specialty drugs, including rare disease and orphan drugs

Patient population research for targeted therapies

Customer and Competitor Insights

Survey research and analysis on client-specific information needs

Market analysis to support new and expansion of specialty pharmacies

  • Identify and connect with key specialty pharmacy decision-makers by email and/or phone.
  • Determine market access and channel strategies to ensure that your products and services achieve the most optimal access positions.
  • Develop launch strategies for new products that will contract with specialty pharmacies.
  • Identify and connect with key decision-makers at the growing number of hospitals and health systems launching in-house specialty pharmacies.
  • Develop detailed profiles of specialty pharmacies for competitive and customer analyses and expansion/acquisition/joint venture opportunities.
  • Identify specialty pharmacy with Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in key areas of practice.


Market access, trade channel management, marketing and business development, customer account, strategy development, competitor analysis, launch planning and strategy, product and brand directors, pharmacy directors, health plans, infusion pharmacies, hospital and health systems, consultants, among others.

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Specialty Pharmacy Database

  • Specialty Pharmacy Name
  • URL
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone
  • Conditions Treated
  • Company Type (Subsidiary/Private)
  • Pharmacy Key Contact
  • Title
  • Contact Email
  • Accreditation(s)
  • Ownership (Parent/Independent)
  • Patient Services
  • Payer Services
  • Pharma Services
  • Health Plan Specialty Pharmacy Network
  • Additional Non-accredited Locations
  • Limited Distribution Drugs
  • Exclusive Distribution Drugs
  • Unique Pharmacy Identifier
  • Date Record Added/Modified
  • Recent Specialty Pharmacy Activities (Accreditation, Limited/Exclusive Drugs, Acquisitions, and more)
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Updated 9/13/2023


Single-User License

Department and Corporate Licenses available here:

License Agreement

Delivery of the Data — Clients will receive an excel spreadsheet for their use only (see sample above). Subscribers will receive the full database updated monthly.

Raising the Stakes for Market Access Support by John Santilli, AMI

The biopharmaceutical drug pipeline focuses on specialty drugs and rare diseases. Today, specialty pharmacy drugs are more often available in a dosage form that patients can administer themselves, such as a tablet, capsule, pill, patch or subcutaneous injection. As specialty pharmacy continues to grow rapidly, it has become an essential assessment for industry stakeholders…

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AMI’s new report, Specialty Pharmacy Market Leaders 2023-2024 Overview, includes background on the industry and also provides company profiles of each pharmacy. Many specialty pharmacies operate independently although the market leaders are often owned by parent entities such as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), retail pharmacy and food chains, distributors, health plans, and increasingly, hospitals and health systems.

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AMI’s Specialty Hub Services Providers 2023-2024 Report has expanded to include approximately Hub services providers. The report includes comprehensive information on providers’ solutions and services as industry stakeholders are increasingly interested in identifying the expertise offered by market participants. Based on customer feedback, this year’s report also includes a deeper dive on each company’s executive leadership as well as including financial and/or investor information.