Specialty Pharmaceutical Hub Services News Roundup: July 2023

EVERSANA announced that it will team up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate generative artificial intelligence (AI) use cases across the life sciences industry. Together, the organizations will seek to harness the power of generative AI to help pharmaceutical and life science manufacturers drive efficiencies and business value while improving patient outcomes.

To meet the industry’s unique needs, EVERSANA and AWS will identify, develop and deploy high-impact solutions across the pharmaceutical commercialization value chain. EVERSANA will leverage its digital and AI innovation capabilities coupled with Amazon Bedrock — AWS’s fully managed service for building and scaling generative AI applications that make a selection of industry-leading foundation models (FMs) accessible via a simple API — to apply best-of-breed FMs as the companies work to solve customer challenges.

Together EVERSANA and AWS will “pharmatize” the use of AI across the life sciences industry, offering world-class security and privacy controls and adhering to ethical frameworks for responsible AI development, to ultimately benefit patients, healthcare providers (HCPs) and payers. Initial planned applications include:

  • Medical and regulatory review process solutions, to help optimize time-consuming, manual compliance operations.
  • Field and patient assistance solutions, like chatbots, to automate mundane tasks, provide more accurate responses and improve user experiences.
  • Disease and product education content generation and personalization services, to help life sciences brands improve engagement with and education for both HCPs and patients.



Inizio Engage announced the launch of Patient Access Services. This custom-built, integrated suite of patient support services has been developed to enhance the overall patient experience while encouraging adherence and improving health outcomes in specialty or rare and orphan diseases. This service helps patients, care partners, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their staff navigate the inherent complexities encountered during what is often a long journey to diagnosis.

Inizio Engage has supported the needs of patients with specialty or rare and orphan diseases for over 20 years. Drawing upon this experience, Patient Access Services answers the market’s demand for more transparency around data and reporting within hub and patient support solutions. “Doing what is right by the patient is the deeply rooted passion that drives our team forward. It is our mission to harness the power of empathy and insights to create experiences tailored to the individual needs of each of the patients we serve”, remarked Nareda Mills, Global President, Patient Solutions at Inizio Engage.

Patient Access Services integrates three support functions:

  • Treatment Navigators
  • Field Reimbursement Manager (FRM)
  • Clinical Educator



Phil, Inc., a patient access platform company that revolutionizes life science product commercialization, announced an agreement with RedHill Biopharma to make its medication Talicia® (omeprazole magnesium, amoxicillin, and rifabutin) available via the PhilRx Patient Access Platform.

The PhilRx Patient Access Platform provides end-to-end visibility into the entire prescription life cycle, starting the moment the physician writes a prescription. HCPs can send an electronic prescription (eRx) for Talicia® to PhilRx directly from their electronic health record (EHR). The PhilRx Patient Access Platform simplifies the prior authorization process (PA) for physicians by allowing them to submit PAs for the medication with just one-click, streamlining the insurance coverage process for patients and increasing the chances of insurance reimbursement.

The partnership between Phil and RedHill enables patients to receive Talicia® prescriptions quickly, easily, and affordably. Using the PhilRx Patient Access Platform, patients can fill their prescription, review prescription records, and obtain assistance navigating insurance benefits.



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