Specialty Pharmacy News Roundup: May 2023

AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy, one of the largest specialty and home delivery pharmacies, will now distribute two medications indicated for adults with certain types of lymphoma. Lunsumio (mosunetuzumab-axgb) is used to treat adults with follicular lymphoma whose cancer has come back or did not respond to previous treatment and who have already received two or more lines of systemic therapy for their cancer. Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, manufactures Lunsumio, Jaypirca treats adults with mantle cell lymphoma that has come back or did not respond to previous treatment and who have already received two or more lines of systemic therapy for their cancer, including a Bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitor medicine. Eli Lilly manufactures Jaypirca.

Krystal Biotech has identified some of the specialty pharmacies that will be part of its limited distribution network for VYJUVEK™, the first gene therapy for the treatment of Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (DEB). DEB is a rare genetic disorder characterized by fragile and blistering skin. DEB is caused by mutations in the COL7A1 gene that affects the skin and mucosal tissues. Patients with DEB commonly suffer from open wounds, which can lead to skin infections and fibrosis, which can cause the fusion of fingers and toes. Ultimately, these patients are also at an increased risk of developing an aggressive form of squamous cell carcinoma, which, in severe cases, can be fatal.

  • Orsini Specialty Pharmacy, a leading independent specialty pharmacy focused on rare diseases and gene therapies, announced that Krystal Biotech has selected it as part of the limited specialty network for VYJUVEK™.
  • Option Care Health, Inc. announced that it was selected by Krystal Biotech as part of a limited distribution specialty pharmacy network for VYJUVEK™. Through the national footprint of over 95 specialty pharmacies strategically located across the U.S., Option Care Health will serve as the only specialty pharmacy provider for mixing and delivering prepared VYJUVEK gel administration syringes to professional healthcare and home settings. Option Care Health will collaborate with Amedisys, Inc. on this effort, including for Amedisys nurses to deliver and administer VYJUVEK to patients. Amedisys is a leading healthcare at home company that has a strong presence in hospital at home, home health, hospice, palliative, and high-acuity care services.

UpHealth, Inc., a global digital health company delivering technology platforms, infrastructure, and services to modernize care delivery and health management, announced it has completed the divestiture of Innovations Group, Inc., including its compounding pharmacy subsidiary, MedQuest Pharmacy, Inc., completing the asset sale to Belmar Pharma Solutions for $56.0 million in gross proceeds.


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