Eton Pharmaceuticals’ ALKINDI® SPRINKLE is available exclusively through AnovoRx

Eton Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative treatments for rare pediatric diseases, recently announced the full availability of ALKINDI® SPRINKLE for sale and distribution in the United States. Eton Pharmaceuticals acquired U.S. marketing rights to Alkindi® Sprinkle from Diurnal Group plc in March 2020.

The FDA approved ALKINDI® SPRINKLE (hydrocortisone) oral granules as replacement therapy for Adrenocortical Insufficiency (AI) in children under 17 years of age. ALKINDI® SPRINKLE is the first and only FDA-approved granular hydrocortisone formulation for the treatment of adrenocortical insufficiency specifically designed for use in children.

ALKINDI® SPRINKLE is available exclusively through AnovoRx. AnovoRx administers the Eton Cares Program in partnership with Eton Pharmaceuticals. The program completes prescription fulfillment, insurance benefits investigation, educational support, aid qualified patients to obtain financial assistance along with other services designed to help patients access treatment.

AnovoRx’s focus is intentionally centered on the unique needs of patients with chronic diseases who rely on specialty and orphan drugs as well as manufacturers. AnovoRx creates a custom approach for each client based on quality product management and meticulous regulatory compliance.

AnovoRx was created in 2012 by executives with significant experience in the specialty pharmacy and biopharmaceutical industry. Four of the five AnovoRx founders were instrumental in the creation and growth of Accredo Health.

AnovoRx is fully-licensed as a pharmacy, wholesale distributor, and as a 3PL service provider everywhere across the country that requires licensure.


Takeaway: AnovoRx is playing a key role in Eton Pharmaceuticals’ goal to become a leader in pediatric rare disease products