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Walmart Health Focuses on Patient Care

Walmart Health, is an expansion of the clinics in response to CVS Health’s HealthHUB and Walgreens’ partnerships

Walmart Slashes Pharmacist Part — Smart?

Whatever the diminished share of Walmart’s health workforce — and make no mistake, Walmart shedding 40% of its senior pharmacists creates a big wave in the labor pool for that profession —  this news is the opening page of the latest in an ongoing series of “who knew health care could be so hard?” chapters in the story of the retailer’s zigzagging health strategy.

Employers Use of Copay Accumulator Programs is Growing

man looking at virtual customers

Walmart and Home Depot, two of the top 10 U.S. employers, are using copay accumulator programs

Baylor Scott & White Health Entering Clinic Market

Baylor Scott & White Health is positioning the organization to grow in a changing market of healthcare delivery. To shift the organization requires a culture change and a major initiative Baylor Scott & White Health is expanding its Texas Care Alliance from two hospitals to nine, sharing data and best practices among care facilities that […]