Walmart Health Launches Virtual Care Diabetes Program

Approximately 14% of Walmart shoppers have diabetes, and that’s why Walmart is committed to revolutionizing the affordability of diabetes care with quality, affordable options.

Recently, Walmart Health’s national telehealth provider MeMD launched the Walmart Health Virtual Care Diabetes Program, which intends to enhance diabetes care through virtual care capabilities.

Walmart Health acquired MeMD in May 2021. It provides telehealth services for various conditions, ranging from common injuries to behavioral health issues. MeMD has unveiled a virtual diabetes care program that will provide personalized education with behavioral health interventions and counseling.

Practitioners in the program will review patient history and background in an initial consultation. They can then schedule a follow-up visit with licensed behavioral health therapists to address any mental healthcare gaps.

The program’s goal is to reduce the complications associated with diabetes and inform providers on how to manage conditions better.

Walmart Health’s recent diabetes care initiatives include offering another new private label option in its ReliOn portfolio – ReliOn™ NovoLog® Mix 70/30 injectable suspension 100 U/mL.

Walmart Health understands every patient is unique and may respond differently, so the ultimate insulin decision should be based on the doctor’s recommendation. Walmart Health is committed to offering a variety of options for its customers with the goal of expanding accessibility and affordability to help reduce health disparities in its communities.


Takeaway: Launched in 2019, Walmart Health provides various healthcare services, including primary and urgent care, laboratory, X-ray and diagnostic, and behavioral health services.  



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