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Future of Specialty Pharmacy and More

Future of Specialty Pharmacy – Recent events involving Valeant and Philidor have caused an uproar in the marketplace along with the Turing Pharmaceutical (and generics) mess around pricing. Now the NY Times casts the light on Horizon and Linden illustrating the bad without much good around stakeholder relationships that pharma firms have utilized. Due to the evolution […]

Buy and Bill Trend: Are there Contradictions to Vendor or Pharma’s Reported Data

Buy and Bill Trend:  Are there Contradictions to Vendor or Pharma’s Reported Data Distribution based sales of specialty pharmaceuticals raises critical issues for manufacturers and providers as plan year 2016 decisions have been made and 2017 preparations begin by purchasers. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the dilemma arises when (1) reimbursement is limited or eliminated under benefit […]

Why CVS Recent Deals Change the Specialty Landscape

Why CVS Recent Deals Change the Specialty Landscape – Following a similar path as in the late 1990’s with long term care pharmacy, specialty pharmacy has matured enough to undergo consolidation and roll-up into larger healthcare entities. Specialty represents a small distribution volume in the retail pharmacy space but also results in the greatest profit […]

CVS Health Acquires Omnicare

CVS Health Acquires Omnicare – Well, the guessing game is over as CVS Health acquires Omnicare. The Pharmacy in Long-Term Care market has a new industry leader as CVS Health will see if their business model translates to the long-term care pharmacy market. The LTC market is a different business and CVS is moving from their traditional “core competency”. It […]

Key Strategic Trends that Impact Healthcare Decision-Making and Stakeholder Roles in the New Marketplace

By John Santilli, MBA, and F. Randy Vogenberg, PhD, RPh After the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, market changes beyond those already in play began to emerge. Traditional roles, responsibilities, and authority could now be tested or altered as a result of some sections of the ACA. One result is that […]

Contracting With Specialty Pharmacies (SPs) At Your Own Peril

How a company works with and contracts with SPs will have to be rethought as a result of the initial Department of Justice (DoJ) settlement with BioScrip and ongoing investigation of Novartis in their marketing practices. When Novartis launched Exjade, it created a limited distribution network, including BioScrip and two other specialty pharmacies selected by […]

Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Exclusive Distributor for Three Sigma-Tau Drugs

The deal includes Sigma-Tau’s Adagen (pegademase bovine), Cystaran (cysteamine ophthalmic solution), and Matulane (procarbazine hydrochloride). As a result of the agreement, each of these prescription drugs can now be obtained through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy locations. Adagen is an intramuscular injection indicated for replacement therapy for adenosine deaminase (ADA) deficiency in patients with severe combined immunodeficiency […]

CVS Caremark Acquires Navarro Discount Pharmacy

CVS Caremark reached an agreement with Navarro, the largest Hispanic owned drugstore chain in the U.S., to acquire 33 stores and Navarro Health Services, a specialty pharmacy serving patients with complex or chronic diseases. CVS Caremark operates more than 7,600 stores, but said it will continue operating the acquired units under the Navarro banner. Navarro […]