Specialty Pharmacy Market Insights Help Plan Resource Allocation

Every day, healthcare organizations look to Access Market Intelligence to keep them informed about the specialty pharmacy market, supported by key market insights.

One area of increasing interest is the need to determine resource allocation when addressing the oncology market. Oncology continues to be the world’s fastest-growing therapeutic area. By 2025, IQVIA sees annual spending on oncology reaching $273 billion, far outclassing any other field.

AMI’s growing Specialty Pharmacy Database (SPD) is one resource available to industry stakeholders to help companies.

The SPD currently includes 1,125+ specialty pharmacies. An analysis shows that seventy-five percent of the nation’s specialty pharmacies dispense oncology drugs. A view of the top 5 population states reveals that although they compose nearly 50% of the nation’s specialty pharmacies, they only represent 35% of the oncology dispensing pharmacies.

Specialty Pharmacies Total Oncology Percent (%)
1,125 850 75%
New York 152 76 50%
California 125 80 65%
Florida 115 70 60%
Texas 85 38 45%
Pennsylvania 50 32 65%
Percent of Total 47% 35%

AMI’s Specialty Pharmacy Database is able to identify these pharmacies, their contacts, accreditation(s), and the open or limited distribution models they implement for the oncology drugs they dispense, among many other attributes.


Takeaway: Having visibility into this information will be crucial to determining business strategies in the oncology market.