Celltrion Healthcare Contracts with CarePartners Pharmacy for Yuflyma

Celltrion Healthcare, Celltrion’s distribution unit, offers biologics to about 110 countries, along with more than 30 global partners around the world.

The company, based on its experience and knowledge accumulated through years of working in the advanced pharmaceutical markets of the United States and Europe, has been securing distribution channels and providing patients with biosimilars at affordable prices.

Celltrion Healthcare recently signed an agreement with Libertyville, IL-based CarePartners Pharmacy to sell its Humira biosimilar Yuflyma in the U.S. market.

CarePartners Pharmacy is a national specialty infusion pharmacy business focused on niche therapies and markets, including Specialty Infusion, Specialty Pharmacy, and Ambulatory Infusion services.

CarePartners Pharmacy provides innovative and cost-effective pharmacy and in-home nursing infusion services, that result in optimal therapeutic outcomes and deliver best-in-class patient results. CarePartners is currently licensed to service patients in 50 states & D.C.

Under the contract, Yuflyma will be distributed to drug stores operated by CarePartners Pharmacy nationwide, starting from the end of October 2023. Celltrion said the partnership is expected to raise the presence of the Yuflyma autoimmune disease biosimilar among over 10 million patients in the U.S. Yuflyma will be the only adalimumab sold at CarePartners Pharmacy drugstores.

Celltrion Healthcare also said the company will tap pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), including Optum, to enlist Yuflyma in their formulary lists.

Celltrion Healthcare said the company will increase its marketing efforts, with a goal of capturing around 40 percent share in the PBM market for adalimumab by the end of this year.


Takeaway: In a strategic move, CarePartners, as part of the agreement, not dispense the original Humira and other competing adalimumab biosimilars


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