Recent Activities Position AscellaHealth As a Leader in Specialty Pharmaceutical Services

AscellaHealth recently announced a comprehensive suite of Specialty Pharmacy (SP) services, including pre-commercialization, outsourced market access, wholesale, 3PL, limited distribution drug (LDD) fulfillment, and custom Patient Support and HUB Services.

AscellaHealth is a global Specialty Pharmacy and Healthcare services organization serving payers, providers, life sciences and patients, offering a comprehensive portfolio of customized, tech-enabled specialty pharmaceutical and medical management services.

AscellaHealth’s unique, patient-centric approach is built upon proprietary technology processes for innovative programs and services optimizing health outcomes and quality of life for patients with complex chronic conditions or rare diseases that require specialty medications and/or gene and cell therapies.

AscellaHealth now serves as an extension of the pharmaceutical company’s trade or market access team with outsourced market access solutions that provide strategic payer expertise, utilization management, pull-through programs and real-time data access.

AscellaHealth capabilities span the entire product life cycle and prescription process, streamlining communications between prescriber, patient and pharmacy to eliminate barriers, decrease time-to-fill, enhance the patient journey and optimize outcomes. The AscellaHealth service portfolio also features customized clinical support programs and interventions that result in better compliance to therapy.

AscellaHealth’s comprehensive portfolio of services for Life Sciences are customizable based on client needs, available “a la carte” and include:

  • Pre-Commercialization Strategies
  • Outsourced Market Access Solutions
  • Wholesale, Distribution and 3PL Services
  • LDD Fulfillment
  • Custom Compliance & Persistency Programs
  • Streamlined Prior Authorizations
  • Technology-based Patient Engagement
  • Copay and Financial Assistance Programs
  • Real-time Rx Data and Analytics

Ascella Health also announced the unveiling of a more robust, streamlined website with easy-to-navigate content featuring its innovative programs and services for key market sectors: patients; payers, including health plans and employers; life sciences, spanning pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers; and providers comprising health systems, prescribers and specialty pharmacies. The newly designed website supports innovative opportunities to deliver the best possible experience for patients with chronic or complex conditions requiring specialty medications or cell and gene therapies, as well as alternative financial solutions that address the steep cost of therapies.

Additionally, Ascella Health announced its strategic alliance with Optime Care to further enhance its ability to become a leader in Specialty Pharmacy (SP) services and establish a strong trajectory for growth. AscellaHealth’s comprehensive suite of services provides solutions for all industry segments, with support for payers to achieve cost-effective access and Life Sciences services including pre-commercialization and outsourced market access capabilities, wholesale, distribution and third-party logistics services, SP limited distribution drug (LLD) fulfillment with national reach and high-touch patient capabilities, and patient support/Hub services for Life Sciences.


Takeaway: Ascella Health’s services are designed to optimize product access, increase clinical outcomes and enhance quality of life for patients with specialty conditions or rare or orphan diseases