Transaction Data System’s Next Phase of Growth to be Funded by BlackRock LTPC

Transaction Data Systems (TDS), a leader in pharmacy software solutions and services, announced that BlackRock Long Term Private Capital has acquired a majority interest in the company.

TDS’ previous owner, GTCR, will retain a minority interest. BlackRock LTPC will partner with the TDS management team, led by CEO Jude Dieterman, and GTCR to drive the company’s next phase of growth.

TDS, with its portfolio of products and services including Rx30, Computer-Rx, KloudScript, Pharm Assess, and Enhanced Medication Services provides innovative technology solutions and pharmacy management systems to the pharmacy industry.

TDS provides innovative and adaptive pharmacy management systems and clinical applications that help pharmacies improve operations and workflow, expand their businesses, bolster their data analytics, increase patient engagement and drive better healthcare outcomes.

With a large and growing installed base of customers across the United States, TDS supports the largest network of independent and community pharmacists in the country. This network enables TDS to help connect the ecosystem of patients, providers, payors and manufacturers through these critical pharmacies and the pharmacists who often provide the first-line of care to patients across the United States.

TDS’s portfolio includes:

  • Rx30’s exclusive central pharmacy solution, goes beyond connecting the pharmacy management and point of sale system to integrating business and clinical operations in one complete, end to end solution.
  • Computer-Rx’s exclusive central pharmacy solution is an integrated, end-to-end pharmacy management and point of sale system complete with business and clinical operations in one complete solution.
  • PharmAssess is a comprehensive business solution supporting independent pharmacies in weighted areas of retail pharmacy. 
  • Enhanced Medication Services’ network of community pharmacies and telehealth clinical service center deliver high-quality clinical interventions to patients and providers in collaboration health plans and other medication and disease state management program sponsors.
  • KloudScript is a specialty pharmacy service business model that enables essential interactions between patients, prescribers, payors, and pharma on behalf of independent retail pharmacies (IRPs). Through its technology platform, KETU™, ProntoRx™, and various technology-enabled support services, KloudScript has pioneered a solution to patients’ demands for local care of complex diseases. 


Takeaway: TDS’s success of meeting the needs of its pharmacy customers has positioned the company to reach more partners across the healthcare ecosystem