Aureus Health Services Making Inroads in Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution

Specialty distributors, specialty pharmacies, and health care providers are all competing for a dominant position in drug delivery and reimbursement. Increasingly, influence from nonsupply chain participants is shaping future considerations for specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Specialty pharmaceutical HUB programs are increasingly becoming “patient solution centers,” connecting patients with all the health care professionals who are involved in their care.

Specialty pharmacy and health management company Aureus Health Services recently announced that it launched its new national service and distribution hub.

The hub, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will provide specialty services to patients, prescribing physicians and clinics, payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy retailers.

In order to meet the variety of needs of Aureus’ customers, the company operates two business lines: Aureus Specialty Pharmacy and Aureus Health Management.

Aureus Specialty Pharmacy provides dispensing and support services for specialty medications used to treat chronic health conditions, such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis, and solid organ transplantation.

The company offers critical support services for patients receiving these specialty drugs, including benefits investigation and prior authorization management, sourcing of financial assistance, appropriate utilization of medication, refill and adherence programs, and other programs that drive optimal outcomes for these patients.

Aureus Health Management provides pharmacy retailers and pharmaceutical manufacturers with a private labeled, operational infrastructure for patients and drugs that require a high-touch service and special handling.

Services provided from Aureus Health Management include centralized HUB programs that manage specialty distribution networks, patient access and support, benefits investigations and other administrative services typically associated with high cost and/or complex medications.

Additionally, the company provides services such as Patient Access Programs, Free Product Programs, Clinical Trial support programs and others to assist in the commercialization of newly approved and/or mature pharmaceutical products.

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