Drug Pricing and the Role of Drug Rebate Aggregators


Drug Rebate Aggregators-Playing a Pivotal Role in Drug Pricing.

The benefits world will be rapidly impacted this year from different directions. The proposed comprehensive changes being developed will affect all stakeholders in healthcare to include: manufacturers (drug, device, diagnostic), employers and self-funded plans, patients/members, supply chain (health plans, PBMs, wholesalers, pharmacies), and providers (hospitals/health systems, clinics, and prescribers).

There are many forces driving the elimination of drug rebates beyond just offering transparency or POS sharing. 

For all stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare market, it is important to understand how today’s pharmacy benefit model contributes to higher costs in the supply chain and identify (A) who are the players (B) determine how to increase transparency and reduce higher price claims and (C) drive efficiency with quality care.