RxLightning and KnippeRx Partner to Simplify Specialty Medication Onboarding


RxLightning, creator of the industry’s first comprehensive platform for streamlining specialty medication access and affordability, and KnippeRx, a leader in custom pharmacy solutions and Patient Assistance Program services, announced a strategic partnership aimed at simplifying the specialty medication onboarding process for patients and providers.

Through a co-branded and integrated web portal, RxLightning now enables prescribers and their care teams the ability to enroll patients in Free-Drug and Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) managed by KnippeRx.

KnippeRx supports a number of PAP initiatives for prominent pharmaceutical manufacturers by offering application management, patient qualification, product dispensing, and patient support.

To start, the two companies launched an embedded, digital enrollment process for over a dozen commonly prescribed medications, with new medications being added in subsequent months.

RxLightning digitizes, automates, and streamlines the historically manual specialty medication onboarding process. With RxLightning, providers can quickly and easily complete patient enrollment for every specialty medication in every therapeutic area, helping reduce paperwork, streamline communication, and accelerate speed-to-therapy.

Through the company’s MedAccess Ecosystem, patients, providers, specialty pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers have insights into each step of the patient onboarding journey.

Knipper Health is a leading health care solutions company serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries for more than 35 years, with a focus on Sample Management and Marketing, Custom Pharmacy Solutions and 3PL services.

KnippeRx helps overcome the complex barriers to patient access by providing the shortest path from initiation of a prescription to delivery of essential therapy. Knipper 3PL provides storage and distribution of CRT, Cold Chain, Frozen and DEA III-V products along with full order to cash, chargebacks and contract management services.

KnippeRx recently earned URAC accreditation for Specialty Pharmacy. By achieving this status, KnippeRx has demonstrated its commitment to quality care, enhanced processes, patient safety and improved outcomes.

KnippeRx commercial and non-commercial solutions are designed to ensure patients get the medication they need when they need it—despite growing market complexities, distribution challenges, and insurance obstacles—while creating a seamless experience that improves patient outcomes.