PBM Platform Companies 2023-2024 Overview


Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are third party companies that function as intermediaries between insurance providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. PBMs create formularies, negotiate rebates (discounts paid by a drug manufacturer to a PBM) with manufacturers, process claims, create pharmacy networks, review drug utilization, and more.

Many pharmacy benefit managers developed their technology platforms for business practices a number of years ago. Recently, an increasing number of companies have been entering the market with advanced PBM technology platforms.

The new PBM Platform Companies Overview 2023-2024 offers comprehensive intelligence on over 35 of these companies. The report provides a brief background on the market. Each company profile includes: company background, strategy, top executives, financial/investor information, products and services, and recent activities.

The report is available for $249 for a single-user license. Department and Corporate Licenses are available, please click here.