NOVEMBER 1, 2016 at 1PM ET – Registration $129

The use of “Buy and Bill” as we have known it for years in the traditional commercial market continues to decline will continue to be seen through 2017. Ultimately, is this method of drug reimbursement dying or dead?

This webinar presented by AMI will identify and review the key trends that will impact Buy and Bill arrangements for 2017 and beyond,

AMI’s webinar will benefit professionals with Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Diagnostic companies who currently or anticipate marketing selling, contracting with Payors and Insurance companies.

Professionals engaged with Field Sales, Marketing, Account Management and Contracting  for market access will especially find this Webinar useful in crafting their 2017 plans.

Registrants will learn more about the drivers behind the significant changes underway in the marketplace around Buy and Bill. Webinar topics will include:

  • Potential errors or contradictions in vendor or Pharma’s reported data on the use of buy and bill
  • The role that Risk plays in reimbursement for specialty drugs
  • The impact of self-funded plans increasing control over drugs in both medical and pharmacy
  • Alternate Sites of Care vs.  Buy and Bill
  • And much, much more.

This 60-minute webinar includes a 15-minute Q&A and will be held at 1PM Eastern Time on NOVEMBER 1, 2016.  Webinar attendees will receive the presentation slides and recording of the event.

Cost of the Program:  $129 – Register by clicking this Link.


Dr. F. Randy Vogenberg is Co-Founder, Access Market Intelligence; and Partner, The National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare, Greenville, SC. He currently is the Pharmacy Advisor and Co-Project Leader with the Midwest Business Group on Health, National Employer Biologics & Specialty Pharmacy Initiative, in addition to collaborations with more than 10 other coalitions.

Marc Fluitt, RPh is an executive with 24 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and large account management accomplishments. Spearheading innovative initiatives with a specialty pharmacy, copay assistance programs, electronic prescribing, Health Economic & Outcomes Trials, and customized clinical literature he has improved and maintained access for products. He has also designed and implemented many successful pull-through campaigns for sales forces that maximize profitability throughout his career.