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Health Benefits/Pricing Implosion

Health Benefits/Pricing Implosion – The announcement by the Obama administration that it would begin rating health insurance plans based on how many doctors and hospitals they include in their networks along with the announcement the ACA will now (2017) allow the individual deductible to increase to $7150 and $14,300 for family coverage will contribute to a pricing/benefit […]

More problems for the public over ObamaCare

More problems for the public over ObamaCare come home to roost at tax time unlike commercial insured The following information was released by the Tax Foundation: According to the tax preparation firm, HandR Block, as many as 3.4 million people, or half of all who received subsidies for health insurance through Obamacare exchanges, will have […]

Tier 2 is Dead! Consumerism is having an effect on sales.

It’s not just Health Care Reform that is turning the world of health care upside down. The cost shift to both the employee/consumer is dramatic and having an effect on sales.  The old paradigm of success being defined as having Tier 2 access is no longer valid. The out of pocket burden for the employee/consumer […]