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Aetna Responds to Employers Shifting Attitude On High-Deductible Health Plans

Aetna’s new designs, called Upfront Advantage and Flexible Five, offer members coverage for some preventive services before they meet deductibles

Thoughtfully Addressing U.S. Healthcare Trends

As costs for health insurance continue to increase, it is time to identify and address the root causes and rethink the model of delivering health insurance

More problems for the public over ObamaCare

More problems for the public over ObamaCare come home to roost at tax time unlike commercial insured The following information was released by the Tax Foundation: According to the tax preparation firm, HandR Block, as many as 3.4 million people, or half of all who received subsidies for health insurance through Obamacare exchanges, will have […]

Cash Talks in Primary Care

Primary care doctors are struggling with their role in the new world of health care reform. Many are increasing the number of patients they see during a day to bring in more cash. Others are becoming employees of larger physician groups or hospitals that are increasingly acquiring clinics. When a team of medical “mystery shoppers” […]