Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) 2023-2024 Annual Review


AMI’s 2023-2024 GPO Annual Review, 180 pages, solves the problem of obtaining timely business intelligence on the expanding number of group purchasing organizations. The report provides a company profiles on the leading 65 GPOs, all in one resource.

The new report groups the companies into National/Regional GPOs, Pharmacy/Oncology GPOs, PBM-lead GPOs and Medication Contracting Organizations, Physician GPOs, Long-Term Care GPOs, and leading Health System GPOs.

Each company profile includes: estimated purchasing volume of the leading GPOs (when available), company background, corporate strategy, key decision-makers, financial/investor information, programs and services, and recent activities.

AMI has included a number of PBM-lead GPOs and Medication Contracting Organizations in this year’s report. These organizations are not actual group purchasing organizations according to industry definitions, but they are making inroads into the market by aggregating purchasing volume to negotiate discounts. AMI plans to publish an in-depth report in the fall of 2023 on these companies.

The new GPO report is available for $249 for a single-user license. Department and Corporate Licenses are available, please click here.