Companies Managing the Healthcare Supply Chain in a New Way

Companies Managing the Healthcare Supply Chain in a New Way. 

As hospital supply chain expenses continue to increase, industry stakeholders are developing strategies to decrease costs. Growing trends in group purchasing/procurement include hospitals and health systems creating new supply chain management organizations and new market entrants developing procurement platforms to make purchasing of healthcare and pharmaceutical products easier and more cost-efficient.

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are evolving to meet the new market realities through consolidation and introducing new value-added services to complement their purchasing activities.

Companies new to healthcare procurement are disrupting the healthcare supply chain by introducing purchasing platforms to make the procurement process easier and more cost efficient. These companies include nimble, technology driven firms to giants like Amazon Business.

Access Market Intelligence’s (AMI) new report published in October 2018, Healthcare Group Purchasing and Procurement Overview, identifies the leading group purchasing participants and provides profiles for each company including: executives, contact information, background, products and services, and recent activities.