Access Market Intelligence Announces
New Specialty Pharmacy Database

Case study highlights how database helps clients achieve success

September 24, 2020 – Trumbull, CT – Access Market Intelligence (AMI), a leading source of healthcare business intelligence, announced today that it has rolled out a new specialty pharmacy database. The Specialty Pharmacy Database (SPD) provides the industry’s only continually updated and most comprehensive database on specialty pharmacies.

“As specialty pharmacy continues its rapid growth, there is a critical need to give stakeholders access to the timely and often difficult to obtain information they need on specialty pharmacies, such as drugs for chronic conditions dispensed by location, limited distribution drugs dispensed, accreditation, executive contacts with emails, and more,” said John Santilli, co-founder and president of AMI. “With the SPD database, forward-thinking stakeholders now have a solution to meet those needs, enabling them to solve what has been an ongoing problem for them.”

The SPD database will help stakeholders gather necessary information that will improve their ability to:

  • Determine market access and channel strategies to ensure that pharma’s products and services achieve the most optimal access positions.
  • Develop launch strategies for new entities entering the specialty pharmacy market, focusing on the growing number of hospitals and health systems.
  • Develop detailed profiles of specialty pharmacies for competitive analyses and expansion/acquisition/joint venture.
  • Determine if a specialty pharmacy needs to reposition as centers of excellence in key areas of practice.

One leading Hub service company with a pharmaceutical client that was launching a new oncology drug recently opted to work with AMI and take advantage of SPD. The business intelligence provided by SPD enabled the Hub to successfully meet its pharmaceutical client’s needs and create value for its patients, prescribers, and payers. For more information, please see the full case study here.

“In today’s economy it’s critical to deliver actionable business intelligence to help customers meet increasing operational challenges in the specialty pharmaceutical segment,” said Santilli. “The strength of the new continuously updated SPD lies in its ability to deliver on that promise to both payers and stakeholders and, ultimately patients.”

For more information about the Specialty Pharmacy Database (SPD) contact John Santilli,

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AMI’s Specialty Pharmacy Database (SPD) is the first and most comprehensive specialty pharmacy database that includes content relative to all specialty pharmacy stakeholders. This solves the problem of obtaining timely, difficult to obtain business intelligence on specialty pharmacies. For more information, see



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