Independent Specialty Pharmacies Compose Over One-Third of the Market


Specialty pharmacies owned by the big three pharmacy benefit managers (CVS Health, Cigna (Evernorth/Express Scripts), and UnitedHealth Group/OptumRx) account for a substantial amount of the market’s revenues.

An increasingly diverse set of companies own pharmacies that dispense specialty drugs. These include: pharmacy benefit managers, retail pharmacies, health insurers, food and retail stores, hospitals and health systems, pharmacy services companies, and private equity.

However, independently owned specialty pharmacies compose more than one-third of the market. These companies appear in AMI’s most recent analysis of key specialty pharmacy contacts as 40% hold the job titles of President, Owner, CEO, or Chief Pharmacy Officer.


Key Specialty Pharmacy Contact Title – 2024


Job Title Number of Locations Percentage (%)
President/Owner/CEO/Chief Pharmacy Officer 705 40%
SVP/COO/General Manager 215 12%
Vice President, Pharmacy 165 9%
Pharmacy Director 345 20%
Pharmacy Manager/Supervisor 325 19%
 TOTAL 1,755 100%



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