Specialty Pharmacy Accelerator Clearway Health Implements New Gene Therapy Model


Clearway Health, a specialty pharmacy accelerator partnering with hospitals and health systems, has pioneered a model to support hospitals in enabling access to novel gene therapy treatments.

The model was used to execute and accelerate payor, legal and procurement processes for Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., to treat their first pediatric patient with ZYNTEGLO®, a one-time, potentially curative breakthrough gene therapy treatment for transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia, a rare blood disorder requiring regular red blood cell transfusions.

By 2030, 54 approved gene and cell therapies are expected in the FDA pipeline, making it essential for healthcare institutions to adequately prepare to deliver gene therapy.

Navigating a potentially multimillion-dollar drug therapy involves a multidisciplinary approach that can be extremely time intensive and costly for health systems, involving an understanding of Payor dynamics, prior authorizations, geographic complexities, patient financial access, assessment of proper staff training, legal and risk management, orchestration of stakeholders and determining a procurement pathway.

Clearway Health’s innovative framework supports health systems in navigating these dynamics, as well as the various intricacies that make it possible to absorb the high costs of a one-time, lump sum payment while protecting the financial integrity of the institution.

Clearway Health partners with hospitals and health systems to build or strengthen their own specialty pharmacy program, improve access to care and provide personalized support to vulnerable patients, families, providers and care managers to eliminate barriers and ensure medications are received on time.

Clearway Health emerged as a solution to improve access to care and manage the complex medication needs of patient populations. A group of solution-seekers created a specialty pharmacy program to serve Boston Medical Center and its patients.

Cornerstone Health Solutions, an industry leader who built and strengthened specialty pharmacy accelerator programs for hospitals and health systems, completed a major rebranding to become Clearway Health in  August 2022.

Marking its first anniversary in August 2023, Clearway Health served over 16,000 patients with complex medical conditions. Clearway Health bolstered the portfolio of value-added services for clients, such as clinical and industry affairs programs to elevate patient outcomes and increase access in the payor, pharmacy benefit manager and manufacturer landscape.