Xspray Pharma Partners with EVERSANA for Launch and Commercialization of Dasynoc (XS004)

Xspray Pharma (Xspray) signed an agreement with EVERSANA® to support the U.S. launch and commercialization of the company’s first innovative cancer therapy Dasynoc for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and acute lymphatic leukemia (ALL).

Xspray is a pharmaceutical company with multiple product candidates in the clinical development phase. Ahead of the launch in the U.S., the company worked intensively to make necessary market preparations, including choosing a commercialization strategy.

Following a detailed evaluation of its available options, Xspray aim to establish a collaboration with EVERSANA which gives the company access to a dedicated and qualified commercial organization, with people that have vast experience in selling PKI products to its target group of physicians, insurance companies and other payers.

While maintaining financial and strategic control, Xspray will grant EVERSANA exclusive commercialization access to support its Dasynoc launch, aimed at the second half of 2023.

Dasynoc, pending FDA-approval and legal conditions, will be a new and differentiated treatment option for CML and ALL patients, entering the $3.5 billion commercial market for Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in the United States – a market that has grown by nearly 5% in the last year alone.

This agreement provides Xspray with access to EVERSANA’s seasoned commercial leaders and allows for a short launch period while optimizing its launch budget. EVERSANA will additionally support Xspray in the areas of market access, agency services, clinical and commercial field teams, medical science liaisons, patient services and compliance.


Takeaway: Xspray’s criteria for a commercialization partner included a full-service company with extensive experience in oncology