Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (Cost Plus Drugs) Joins the SmithRx Pharmacy Network

Finding affordable prices for prescriptions is difficult based on a number of factors including lack of price transparency, challenging insurance and reimbursement information and consumers’ ability to search the internet for list prices which can widely vary across pharmacies.

One choice for consumers to save money is a prescription drug discount card. Prescription discount cards are designed to provide lower drug costs to patients paying for their medications in cash. There is no cost to use these cards, and they are available to consumers whether they have health insurance or not.

A growing number of new companies that offer more transparent pharmacy benefit management services are entering the market. Many of these companies are offering a pricing model in which they pass 100% of the discounts they receive from pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to the health plan/employer sponsor.

SmithRx is one of the few pharmacy benefit cards that can be used at Cost Plus Drugs. Members can simply enter their SmithRx insurance information when creating an account at With the SmithRx pass-through model, all of the savings from filling at Cost Plus Drugs are passed along to our patients and their employers.

Cost Plus Drugs is pursuing the mission of prescription drug affordability by building an innovative pharmacy model that delivers medications at cost, plus a straightforward 15% markup, along with a $3 dispensing fee and shipping. Like SmithRx, Cost Plus Drugs is reinventing the industry by putting transparency, simplicity, and clarity at the forefront of their business model to lower drug costs.

SmithRx was founded in 2016. SmithRx is the next-generation pharmacy benefit partner built on a modern technology platform that creates new levels of flexibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

SmithRx has built an evolved client-aligned version of a PBM to combat these rising costs: The Drug Acquisition Platform (DAP), which maximizes drug savings for employers across America. It’s a PBM, but evolved to deliver optimal savings for clients. SmithRx uses client-alignment, technology, and integrated programming to find the lowest cost pathway to the drugs that  members need.


Takeaway: SmithRx and Cost Plus Drugs team up to expand access to more affordable prescription drugs for members