Envision Pharma Group Acquires AI Technology Company OKRA.ai

Envision Pharma Group (Envision), a leading global technology-enabled commercialization, integrated medical capabilities and solutions, and data analytics partner to the life sciences industry, announced it has acquired OKRA.ai, an award-winning technology company active in the provision of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions with services across commercialization, real-world evidence and data analytics, medical, and pricing for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

OKRA.ai’s AI products and solutions translate large clinical, scientific, and commercial data sets into actionable insights to empower decision-making and positive outcomes to clients in the life sciences industry.

Founded in 2001, Envision Pharma Group is a global provider of evidence-based communication services and industry-leading technology solutions serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

Initially focusing on reinventing the way biopharma companies managed their global data communications programs through the use of smart technology and best-in-class publication planning, Envision has evolved to become a leading provider of healthcare communications services and medical affairs technology solutions.

Envision is made up of a family of companies, each with a unique and class-leading skill set to deliver services and support for clients. Envision consists of:

  • doDOC – allows real-time editing of medical affairs documents.
  • 90TEN – a global healthcare communications consultancy.
  • TwoLabs – an industry-leading provider of integrated and customized commercial solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.
  • Riparian – a pharma consulting and SaaS company that helps manufacturers navigate pricing regulations, reporting, strategies, and program operations.

Envision has supported 250+ new product launches, including 15 Cell and Gene drugs either launched or in progress. In recent years, Envision has expanded to a team of more than 150+ experienced consultants and a global presence with the acquisitions of MKO Global Partners, a team of experts in the pricing and market access space, and Pennside Partners, the company’s Market Intelligence team who has been in the competitive Intelligence space for over 25 years.


Takeaway: Envision supports clients throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, building strong partnerships and client confidence in the company’s purpose-built solutions