DromosPTM, a CarepathRx Company, Developed by Henry Ford Health Expands Nationally

Henry Ford Health’s innovation arm is going national with technology designed to improve specialty pharmacy operations.

Henry Ford Innovations, one the nation’s leading healthcare innovation programs announced that the DromosPTM patient therapy management platform is now being used in seven health systems and specialty pharmacies across the country, and others are planning to integrate the technology in the months ahead.

Developed by clinical pharmacists at Pharmacy Advantage, DromosPTM addresses the full spectrum of challenges specialty pharmacies face every day. It’s an easily-configurable Patient Therapy Management solution for streamlining clinical activities — from securing prior authorizations (and / or supplementary funding) to simplifying processes for drug delivery, refill, and counseling support.

Since its 2014 launch, Pharmacy Advantage’s pharmacists have used the system to build an unsurpassed warehouse of proprietary patient outcome data; a wealth of information equaled only by DromosPTM’s drug reference resource database feature — offering instant access to manufacturer information, including potential allergies & interactions.

Utilized as the in-house solution at Henry Ford Health since 2014, DromosPTM was commercially offered for use in specialty pharmacies nationwide via the launch of a startup enterprise, Semita, in 2019.

In 2020, Semita was acquired by CarepathRx, a coordinated care organization offering the industry’s most comprehensive hospital pharmacy care delivery model.


Takeaway: The licensing agreement for the technology is one of more than 30 that Henry Ford Innovations has enacted since its launch in 2011, representing more than $100 million in potential revenues for the health system