AmerisourceBergen Launching a Digital Therapeutics Platform to Facilitate Access

As the pipeline of digital therapeutics (DTx) continues to expand, AmerisourceBergen announced plans to launch DTx Connect, a fully integrated ordering, dispensing and fulfillment platform that aims to facilitate patient access to physician-ordered digital therapeutics and diagnostics.

The platform, which seamlessly integrates with electronic medical records (EMR), enables physicians to easily access and order prescription and non-prescription DTx through their e-prescribing workflow and subsequently monitor patient fulfillment.

This new platform implements AmerisourceBergen’s strategy of supporting pharmaceutical innovation to provide better services that facilitate commercialization as well as enterprise solutions for better patient access.

AmerisourceBergen plans to impact the delivery of DTx directly to patients through its new platform, which is EMR- and brand-agnostic, and provides a real-time, secure digital connection between developers and physicians via the EMR.

A rapidly growing category within digital health, DTx delivers clinical interventions directly to patients via software to treat, manage or prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders, including behavioral health conditions and diabetes.

The products, which occasionally require a prescription, can be used as standalone therapies or in combination with other treatments or devices. Digital therapeutics diverge from other digital health tools, in part, because they must be cleared or certified by regulatory bodies to support claims of risk, efficacy and intended use.

Several digital health companies plan to pilot the platform, including Mahana Therapeutics, a leading developer of prescription digital therapeutics designed to empower patients with chronic health conditions, and Videra Health, an AI-assisted video assessment and remote patient monitoring platform.

DTx Connect, powered through a collaboration with patient engagement technology company Twistle, includes:

  • E-prescribing through EMR
  • Efficient dispense and fulfillment
  • Patient support services
  • Patient Status Alerts


Takeaway: DTx Connect expands AmerisourceBergen’s patient support and market access consulting services, enabling the company to deliver enhanced support across the product lifecycle