EVERSANA and Accord BioPharma Support Launch of CAMCEVI®

EVERSANA and Accord BioPharma, the U.S. specialty division of Intas Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., announced a partnership to support the recent launch of CAMCEVI® (leuprolide) 42mg injection emulsion for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in adults. Accord BioPharma is heading distribution in the United States.

CAMCEVI is the first-ever ready-to-inject sterile formulation of leuprolide for subcutaneous injection that comes in a pre-filled syringe with no mixing required.

Accord BioPharma is the U.S. specialty division of Intas Pharmaceuticals. The FDA approved Camcevi on May 25, 2021. It was approved based on data from an open-label, single-arm study of 137 adults that found that Camcevi offered consistent testosterone suppression to castrate levels. The most common adverse reactions were hot flush, hypertension, injection site reactions, upper respiratory tract infections, musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and pain in extremity.

Intas Pharmaceuticals is a leading, vertically integrated global pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing, and marketing company. Intas is committed to challenging the unmet medical and societal needs through a comprehensive pharmaceutical value chain spanning across the world.

Intas has set up a network of subsidiaries, under the umbrella name of Accord Healthcare to operate in global markets. Over the years, Intas has grown both organically and via acquisition, expanding its product portfolio and operations year on year.

Accord BioPharma is offering eligible patients commercial copay assistance solutions, patient assistance programs, and a nurse-staffed clinical hotline that provides answers to questions from patients. The company also offers healthcare professionals access to AccordConnects, a mobile application designed to help healthcare practices manage in-practice inventory

EVERSANA will provide multiple services to Accord BioPharma for CAMCEVI, including field deployment solutions, training, and the company’s comprehensive data and analytics platform. EVERSANA will also provide additional services to Accord BioPharma as part of the commercialization agreement.


Takeaway: Together, EVERSANA and Accord BioPharma will empower specialized pharmaceutical sales teams with the resources they need to connect with clinicians across the country to drive adoption of this therapy