Healthcare Market Trends: Themes Impacting 2022-2023 Health Benefits Coverage

Dr. Randy Vogenberg, Principal, Institute for Integrated Healthcare (IIH), and Board Chair, Employer-Provider Interface Council (EPIC); and John Santilli, President, Access Market Intelligence (AMI), have authored the yearly free report: Healthcare Market Trends: Themes Impacting 2022-2023 Health Benefits Coverage.

This the the 7th year that IIH and AMI have collaborated on publishing the “Healthcare Market Trends” for the upcoming benefits year that is relevant to key healthcare stakeholders, including employers, manufacturers, and providers of care along with consumers.

Emerging in 2021 were five (5) major themes that are explored in this evolving healthcare trend review that looks towards 2023. Beyond the themes is the speed of change and workplace shifting that continues to shake all aspects thereby creating an evolving new U.S. marketplace landscape.