RxLightning and Oncospark Partner Simplifying Oncology Medication Enrollment and Prior Authorization

RxLightning recently announced its partnership with Oncospark to create a unified technology platform that streamlines the specialty medication enrollment and prior authorization process for oncology patients. 

RxLightning is a free-to-provider online platform that simplifies and automates the specialty medication enrollment process, greatly reducing the time it takes to get a patient their specialty medications, from weeks (or sometimes months) to just days. 

Oncospark provides full-service integrated technology, relational data analytics, consulting and revenue cycle services. Oncospark’s prior authorization solution, Authparency, brings an unprecedented level of transparency to the prior authorization process and allows real-time tracking and reporting of all prior authorization activities.

The Timely Access to Cancer Treatment (TACT) Act, a bipartisan bill that was recently introduced to Congress, would require that patients get their prescribed oral oncology medications within 72 hours of having the prescription submitted to their pharmacy benefits manager (PBM).

RxLightning closed a $3 million seed round led by venture capital firm HealthX Ventures. In addition to the funding, the company announced that Brad Fluegel and Taha Jangda are joining its board. Jangda is a general partner at HealthX Ventures, and Fluegel is a principal at BMF Advisors.

RxLightning plans to use the funds it has raised in two ways, according CEO Julia Regan. The first is to grow its sales team and get the word out about its platform. Second, the funds will be used to bring on individuals that can connect the company with specialty pharmacies.

RxLightning has achieved Microsoft “IP Co-Sell Ready” status. As a Co-Sell Ready Microsoft partner, the company’s specialty drug enrollment solution will be jointly sold with Microsoft sales teams and in Microsoft’s commercial marketplace, opening the door to rapid expansion of the reach and deployment of RxLightning technology.

OncoSpark and ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in healthcare interoperability, recently joined forces to solve the challenge of prior authorization in the oncology space. OncoSpark’s platform, AuthParency, was built with a tailored approach to interoperability through ELLKAY.

OncoSpark’s team worked in tandem with the interoperability architects at ELLKAY to ensure the solution met the challenges presented by oncology: clinical variables, pathways, exceptions, and health policy considerations.


Takeaway: New partnership will provide quicker access to oncology medications