SesameRx Enters the Digital Pharmacy Market

New York-based digital health startup Sesame Care and digital pharmacy firm Truepill launched an online pharmacy, SesameRxto make prescription medications more affordable and accessible, especially for those without insurance.

The new service features nearly 200 FDA-approved generic medications for conditions such as allergies, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, ADHD, insomnia and more.

SesameRx’s platform will be using Truepill’s consumer healthcare infrastructure and URAC-accredited pharmacy footprint to provide patients with a full-service formulary of Sesame-branded FDA-approved medications for a wide range of medical conditions (including allergies, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and ADHD).

SesameRx also offers both telehealth and in-person visits for $25—and that includes services like therapy, dermatology visits, and imaging scans.

Founded in 2016, Truepill’s business-to-business (B2B) telemedical platform enables health care brands to deliver medication, birth control, and other prescription pills directly to customers’ doorsteps via standard mail.

Truepill’s APIs provide programmatic access to its online pharmacy, while its packaging warehouses leverage robotic cells and other automation technologies to handle prescription orders. Truepill’s licensed US pharmacies offer shipping to all 50 states – filling cash and insurance-based medications.

Consumers are using their experience with online purchasing and applying it to search and purchase prescriptions. The trend has been further accelerated  by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investment in the digital health market is increasing at a rapid rate driven by the impact of private equity and the continuing growth of mergers and acquisitions as companies both large and small seek to enter the market. The digital pharmacy market is one area that continues to collect investment funding.


Takeaway: A diverse and growing number of companies are launching and creating digital tools that help consumers purchase their prescriptions online, especially those trying to manage multiple chronic conditions