GoodRx Joins with Boehringer Ingelheim to Streamline Access to Savings Program

GoodRx, Inc. (GoodRx), America’s leading resource for healthcare savings, and Boehringer Ingelheim recently announced a new joint effort to increase access to patient savings programs on the GoodRx platform.

Patients with type 2 diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can now easily enroll in manufacturer-sponsored copay programs for Boehringer Ingelheim’s leading portfolio of medications to help reduce their out-of-pocket costs, with additional medications that may be added to the integration in the future.

GoodRx operates a price comparison platform that provides consumers with curated, geographically relevant prescription pricing, and provides access to negotiated prices through GoodRx codes that can be used to save money on prescriptions across the U.S.

The services are free to consumers and the company primarily earns revenue from its core business from pharmacy benefit managers that manage formularies and prescription transactions including establishing pricing between consumers and pharmacies. GoodRx also offers other healthcare products and services, including subscriptions, pharmaceutical manufacturer solutions and telehealth services

As America’s leading resource for healthcare savings, GoodRx connects consumers with affordable and convenient prescriptions and medical care, including telehealth, mail order prescriptions, doctor visits, and lab tests. GoodRx has helped Americans save over $30 billion since 2011 and is the leading downloaded medical app over the last three years.

GoodRx has built a vast network of relationships, contracts and integrations with key stakeholders in the healthcare industry. The company’s proprietary technology enables it to aggregate prescription pricing data points from sources spanning the healthcare industry.

GoodRx also recently announced an integrated offering with Sanofi to streamline patient access to Sanofi discounts. Commercially insured and uninsured patients can now find, apply for, and claim Sanofi manufacturer discounts directly on the GoodRx platform.


Takeaway: GoodRx is growing its relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers to integrate their savings programs with the GoodRx platform to offer better access to patients for their medications