Optime Care Offers Patient-First Humatin Total Care Program

Optime Care, a nationally recognized pharmacy, distribution and patient management organization maximizing therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of orphan and rare disorders, recently announced the availability of Humatin™ (paromomycin sulfate) exclusively through Humatin Total Care.

Optime Care’s management team has previously partnered in the launch and management of more than 40 orphan products and programs and consistently implemented the best brand programs for the community.

This patient-first drug management program optimizes the benefits of Humatin for patients with acute and chronic intestinal amebiasis. This parasitic infection of the intestines is caused by a protozoan E. histolytica that can affect anyone, although it is more common in people who live in or who have traveled to tropical areas with poor sanitary conditions.

Optime Care creates partnerships for personalized care with a specific focus on disorders affecting smaller patient communities. The team of experts in rare disorders works with healthcare providers, payers, biopharmaceutical companies, and patients to implement therapies and support services quickly.

Optime Care takes a patient-first approach for providing personalized medicine as a more precise basis to predict the prognosis of genetic diseases. This model recognizes the important, growing role of personalized medicine, an evolving field in which physicians use diagnostic tests to identify specific, often genetic, biological markers, to help determine which medical treatments and procedures will work best for each patient.


Takeaway: The Humatin Total Care coordinator works with insurance companies to verify coverage and reimbursement benefits, provide access to financial assistance and arrange drug delivery for the patient