Pandion Optimization Alliance Acquires New Source GPO

Pandion Optimization Alliance (Pandion), a rapidly growing player in the group purchasing organization (GPO) space, announced it will acquire New Source GPO, which has 12,000+ membership base in the Southeast as well as around the country.

New Source GPO, specializing in a market overlooked by larger competitors set the stage for both profitability and growth by building a niche service for a vastly underserved healthcare market, small surgery centers and clinics.

“The addition of New Source to the Pandion family of businesses is a strategic maneuver to inorganically add over $100 million in sales volume to our portfolio while bringing on opportunities for our team to organically grow Pandion by introducing to New Source and their customers efficiencies, savings, and expanded contract opportunities that we have been offering our members for 90 years,” said Travis Heider, President & CEO of Pandion.

Pandion is a pioneer in collective purchasing and supply chain consulting. With over 75 years’ experience as an established group purchasing organization, it has a long history of bringing organizations together and leveraging their collective strength.

With a nationwide network of members that represent a combined purchasing volume of over $62B, Pandion’s collective efforts focus on providing high quality care in the right setting at the right time and at the lowest possible price. 

Pandion Sourcing & Purchasing, a niche regional purchasing group, has been strengthened by a national purchasing offering since 1994 as an owner of Premier, Inc. Pandion has grown significantly while maintaining a strong local presence and focus on regional members. 


Takeaway: The addition of New Source is not only sales volume play, but also allows Pandion to bolster specific classes of trade where they are seeking robust traction